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Our Gift Card Program


One of the longest-running and most successful fund-raising programs here at Trinity is our Gift Card Program.  This program provides a one-stop source for your shopping and gift needs.  In addition to the cards from major brands and chains available through GL Scrip, local Giant Foods, Redner's Market, Walmart and Weis Market cards are available for your grocery shopping needs.


It's simple - Members and friends purchase gift cards for everyday purchases (grocery stores, drug stores, restaurant and retail chains) or for special purchases like hotels, airlines, or birthday, wedding or holiday gifts.  The church retains a percentage of the purchase price, which supplements our income to cover general fund expenses. There is no additional cost to the person who buys the card – the contribution is made by the retailer.  Since 2013 we have raised over $20,000 for our general fund.


Orders are taken the first Sunday of each month and cards are available for pick-up the second Sunday of the month.  Attached is an order form for the GL Scrip cards showing the cards most commonly purchased by Trinity members.  A full listing of the cards available can be found on the GL Scrip website.  Just click on this link: a store or retailer you want is not included on Trinity’s list, write it on the last page of your order form.  Additional printed copies of the Scrip and grocery store order forms are available in the Parish Hall and on the first Sunday of the month.



GL Scrip/Walmart/Weis Market – Pat Brensinger

Giant – Kathy Kuser

Redners – Kurt Yescavage


If you have any questions see the coordinators any Sunday morning or leave a message in the church office.


As always, thank you for your support!

                  Trinity Gift Card Program Update 

Since the July 4th holiday falls on a Sunday, the gift card process for July will be different.  Redners cards can be ordered from Kurt via mail or in person by Sunday, June 27.  Cards will be available for pick-up at the church on or after July 4th.  Kathy will contact members for Giant orders, or you may contact her directly.  Scrip orders will not be collected in July.  All gift card orders will be accepted in person again on Sunday, August 1st.


Order forms for Redners, Giant, and Scrip will be available at church, and the Scrip order form is also found on Trinity’s website.


 Please note :

  1. Weis Markets cards ($25, $100) can be ordered through Scrip for those who physically shop at the store. Weis cards cannot be used for online orders.
  2. Walmart cards can be used in-store or at but not for online delivery or pick-up grocery orders.

Payment must be submitted with your order; checks should be made out to Trinity Lutheran Church. Be sure to include your phone number on your order form. 


Thank you for your understanding and your support of this important program here at Trinity.

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Scrip Order Form Here
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Scrip Gift Cards

Order forms can be downloaded here.

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Thank you for your support of our ministry at Trinity. Please consider making a financial contribution to the life and mission of our congregation.

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