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Minutes from the Finance & Property Committee Meeting

January 4, 2022


Members attended:  Bill Eddinger (Finance Chairperson), Pastor Zaiser, Randy Kehl, Diane McElwee, Dan Ritter, Wil Carpenter, Sharon Renninger, Howard Shafer, Linda Brunner, Rich Deskie, Dan & Kathy Kuser, Oscar Smith, Keith Endy and Dennis Schaeffer (Property Chairperson)


We received $75,000.00 from the Fern Fronheiser Estate

There were no stipulations regarding fund usage in her will.

Should Trinity contribute 10% of the bequest to some charitable organization?

The funds should be arriving by the end of January.  Sharon suggested that we hold off any roof replacement contract, Rich Deskie commented that the price of roofing materials changes daily.  There is a lack of materials available and the committee recommends we should hold off for a year.  However, no one can predict when the roof will leak and we may incur added costs depending what the roof leaks on such as the organ, piano, or the altar. 


Dan Kuser suggested putting some of the money in an account such as money market or move some money every month or so to other accounts such as the Vanguard Wellesley Fund.  Dan also reported that Trinity has multiple funds sources available for use to cover emergency project costs.  There is no real need to borrow money from a financial institution and qualification for such loans depends on the institution.


Dan Ritter made motion to put the amount of the check into the Vanguard Wellesly Fund (Second by Dan Kuser) until other discussions. 


There are “3 “main projects coming up:  roof, parking lot repair/replacement, sanctuary air conditions  all 3 use a refrigerant that is not environmentally safe and should be replaced. Property has a roof estimate $70,000 from DJS bid for $75,000 was given to us effective until January 27th members also suggested to do some work on the parking lot.


The Finance Committee and the Property Committees will meet in the future to continue to discuss and formulate a plan forward.


Trinity’s Church Council has voted to relax our COVID restrictions effective immediately. Here are some things you need to know:

  1. Services will continue to livestream via Facebook.
  2.  Members and visitors are still requested to sign in for worship services.
  3. Masks and social distancing are optional. This means that you may sit anywhere in the sanctuary. Chairs will remain set up in the narthex for anyone who still wishes to socially distance. We ask that everyone be respectful of others and their choices.
  4. Before the service, the pews will be wiped down, door handles will be wiped down, and the fixtures in the restrooms wiped down.
   Please call if you need assistance or have any questions.


  At our May 11, 2021, Church Council meeting we were given a roof inspection findings report by our property committee. The report from a local contractor stated that Trinity's Church roof does not need to be replaced immediately. That is the good news. The contractor also stated that within 6 years it will be in need of replacement at a cost of approximately $70,000. That is in 2021 dollars, and certainly Trinity doesn't have that amount on hand. Additionally, it was reported that the materials (shingles) needed to do the replacement are not available due to the pandemic. Church Council has passed a motion to create a Roof fund which Trinity's members can support using the monthly Maintenance envelope found in the weekly offering envelope packet, or use the weekly envelope and mark your contribution "Roof" on the Designated Gift line.

     Randy Kehl

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                      The Property Committee and interested members are going to change the way the landscaping looks in the front of our church. To my knowledge this area was landscaped and planted when the current church was built, in the twenty plus years the look has changed from beautiful to something less. The weeds are winning, the trees and bushes are overgrown and various plants are growing wherever. The idea is the remove all the plants and bushes, trim the trees back severely and remove a few trees that are unnecessary, move the ornamental rocks to someplace and plant and grow grass in the church front. If there is a member or members who would like a specific plant or bush or vine please feel free to remove it. The work needed will most likely occur in the fall, the committee will begin to solicit estimates for the tree work as well as pursue the landscape portion as well. We hope to reduce or eliminate the water issue we have in the cellar after heavy rains. Questions may be directed to Dennis, Howard, or Randy and we are always looking for help.



Randy Kehl



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